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Luxury vinyl tile: resilient, versatile, economical

Luxury vinyl tile has come a long way since the weird, speckled imitation stone floor of your grandmother's kitchen. Today, with advances in digital printing and imaging, this once maligned floor covering option has been given new life and has experienced a renaissance of popularity in recent years.

Prized for its ability to mimic other more expensive floor covering options at a fraction of the price, the main draw for luxury vinyl tile is, without a doubt, its capacity to bring the look of more expensive flooring options within reach of buyers on a tight budget.

Luxury vinyl has much to offer

However, there is far more to luxury vinyl tile than the simple economy. It is becoming increasingly common for people to consider the environmental factors that go into the purchases they make. People who care about environmental impact are choosing vinyl tile more and more these days because it is not a contributing factor to deforestation and the flooring can be recycled at the end of its service life.

Another attractive quality of luxury vinyl tile is its versatility with regards to where it can be installed. Unlike some other floor covering options, luxury vinyl tile is extremely resistant to humidity and standing water. This means that it can be installed in places where less waterproof flooring options may not be viable, such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.

This versatility doesn't end there, however. Because it can be installed over nearly any subflooring surface, including bare concrete and existing floor coverings such as linoleum or tile, buyers can have the look of wood or stone in places where they might not have been able to otherwise, without extensive changes to the existing subfloor. This saves money on labor, as well as time.
Speaking of saving money on installation costs, luxury vinyl tile shines once again. Due to the interlocking design of the tiles and the relative ease with which they are assembled, luxury vinyl tile opens up the possibility of doing it yourself installation to customers with even modest DIY knowledge.

This particularly attractive cost-cutting attribute is a major draw for customers looking to free up funds for other home-improvement projects, or simply to bring the cost of new flooring down into their price range.
luxury vinyl floors in Coon Rapids MN from Carpet City Express

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